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10 Steps To Winning Google’s Confidence

Google is the globe’s most significant online search engine, and it’s composed of several critical factors. These factors include ranking systems, indexes, and algorithms which sort through billions of web pages. The goal of these systems is to find those that are most important and useful for users, helping people discover what they’re looking for. Because individuals rely so heavily on the internet, businesses must establish an online presence with solid SEO (search engine optimization) that builds a reputation to win Google’s confidence and their audience’s. Through this confidence, you’ll be recognized by Google and found by your vital prospects and customers. But how do you establish a strategy that implements SEO, builds an online presence, develops authority, and gets noticed by Google and its ranking systems?

10 Steps to Winning Google’s Confidence

The following are ten ways you can win confidence with your audience and Google.

1. Create A Website For Your Business

Most individuals use the internet in today’s society. And businesses must establish an online presence to reach and impact consumers. Your website is one of the most powerful tools of your organization. And it should connect, develop, change, and be continually active to be effective. 

2. Understand Your Audience

Take time to understand your audience, what they struggle with, and what desires they aim to achieve. The more you learn, the more impactful your messaging and content will resonate with them. 

3. Research And Development Of Keywords

Do some digging to discover what phrases your audience might search if they’re looking for a product or service you offer. Then, incorporate critical phrases and words that Google may recognize during queries. 

4. Develop Consistent, High-Quality, And Relevant Content 

Optimizing your messaging with this type of content helps increase your visibility and improve your algorithm ranking on Google. Remember to ask yourself, “Is the content I’m sharing valuable to my audience?”   

5. Execute A Blog Strategy

A blog supports your content, marketing, and search engine strategy for your website. And there are many benefits of blogging, including:

  • Accelerating web traffic and increasing leads
  • Establishing a competitive edge
  • Building trusts and developing relationships with your consumers

When you incorporate blogging into your marketing strategy, you’ll continue to establish authority and credibility.

6. Engage With Your Audience On Social Media 

Once you’ve developed your high-quality content, share it on social media. Consistently sharing will build trust with your audience, drive prospects to your website, and improve your Google rankings. 

7. Maintain Your Website

Even after you’ve created, built out, and designed your website in its entirety, make sure to keep the content current and fix broken links. Continual maintenance is vital for winning Google’s confidence.

8. Ask Customers And Clients For Online Reviews

Showcasing your work and ability will help connect with and develop those vital relationships with future customers. 

9. Create A Google My Business Page

Google is the prime search referrer for businesses, and Google My Business helps individuals find your business. Google My Business also improves your local SEO, boosting your rankings. 

10. Establish Link Building 

Link building can be challenging, but it’s effective.  Coordinate with other businesses and websites and link their content to yours. You can also link to other brands, even local ones, on social media to establish critical relationships in your network. 

How Do You Start Developing High-Quality, Relevant Content?

To get you started with building consistent, relevant content that builds trust, follow these steps:

  • Develop content that answers your customer’s questions
  • Create guides that showcase your expertise and insight
  • Write guest blog posts to build relationships and grow your network

Because Google is the world’s largest online search engine, businesses should consider the critical elements needed to win their confidence. But even more critical is aspiring to impact your audience. When they’re confident in you, they’ll continue to engage with your content. And they could become lifelong customers.  Here at Belfield, our team has over 170 years of cumulative experience. And as a result, we can help you achieve more through developing trust with your audience and Google. Experience the Belfield difference!