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6 Signs And Causes Of Leadership Burnout

Being a business owner, manager, or leader can be fulfilling. But it can also be challenging and sometimes exhausting. If you consistently work too many hours, struggle to delegate, or can’t find a work-life balance, you could very well face burnout. But if you’re feeling overworked, frustrated, and uninspired, you don’t have to be! At Belfield Management, we’ll give you key insights to recognize burnout symptoms.  We’ll also give you some tips to overcome them so that you can get back to renewed energy and excitement. You’ll learn to make working in your business fun again!

What Is Burnout?

Burnout is a syndrome that results from unmanaged, long-term workplace stress. Symptoms and characteristics of burnout include:

  • Feeling cynical, critical, irritable, or impatient with your team or clients
  • Lacking motivation, productivity, or experiencing chronic fatigue
  • Self-criticism and anger at your demands
  • Having difficulty focusing
  • Not having job satisfaction and feeling mentally distant
  • Suffering from various health symptoms

6 Causes of Burnout

Now that we know some of the characteristics of burnout, what factors contribute to weariness in the workplace? 

1. Overworking 

Managers and leaders use passion and achievement to excel. But isn’t passion a good thing? Of course! But executives can love what they do and devote so much time and energy to their business that they run the risk of depletion. Too much of a business owner’s identity can tie into what they do. Therefore their emotions can rise and fall with the success or failures of the organization. And over time, that can be exhausting for the business leader. 

2. Managing People Can Be Depleting 

As a leader, you’ll often have to deal with adverse situations amidst your team. You’ll be managing conflict, capability challenges among employees, self-centeredness, and unhappiness. These emotions can wear on you over time, causing you to experience burnout. 

3. Struggling To Delegate And Failing To Transition Into A Leadership Position 

Entrepreneurs who could face burnout often struggle to relinquish tasks to others. You could lack trust in your team or be without organization on the backend. Without business systems and processes set in place and finding others who can take on different roles, you’re left with doing it all. You could also have a difficult time investing money in solid support. Without adequate help, you’ll run the risk of your business running you instead of you running it.

4.  Failing To Shift Gears When Life-Changing Events Occur

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes life-changing events will occur that affect your business. Whether it’s a death in the family, an economic shift, or if your personal dynamic changes, you may need to shift gears and reassess your priorities.  Failure to effectively manage change can lead to weariness in the workplace.

5. Lacking Clearly Defined Goals

If you don’t set solid expectations for yourself or your organization, you could be facing an uphill battle. You won’t have accountability or milestones to showcase what’s working and what’s not. And if you feel like you’re not completing anything, you could become discouraged or uninspired with your work.  

6. Facing Extreme Pressures In The Job Market 

Today’s market is competitive and complex. As you climb the corporate ladder, you may have to interact with more departments and face varying complexities to carry out a task. You may also struggle to balance work and home life, constantly feeling like you’re not committing yourself enough in any area of your life. This kind of pressure can lead to adverse effects in your life.

Overworking, managing your team, struggling to delegate, and remaining competitive can all contribute to burnout. And that kind of depletion results in a lengthy list of negative symptoms. We understand the challenges leaders face, and we’re here to help equip you with the tools you need to manage burnout.  Here at Belfield, our team has over 170 years of cumulative experience. And as a result, we can help you achieve dependable results with less stress, working fewer hours, all while renewing your energy and excitement! Experience the Belfield difference!