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10 Ways to Manage Leadership Burnout

Burnout is a challenge many people face in today’s society. And as a business leader, executive, or entrepreneur, you will likely run the risk of facing burnout at least once during your career. Burnout characteristics include feeling critical or irritable, lacking motivation, struggling to focus, or not having job satisfaction. And a multitude of factors can cause burnout, including overworking, managing people, working on delegating, facing life-changing events, or remaining competitive. At Belfield Management, we can help you to manage your business better to avoid burnout. We’ll help alleviate its negative impact on your personal and professional life so that you can be excited to be a leader again! 

Burnout Defined

Burnout is a syndrome that results from unmanaged, long-term workplace stress. Some studies have shown that entrepreneurs and managers are more prone to burnout, negatively impacting their careers and personal lives. In addition, it can lead to job dissatisfaction, difficulties making decisions, and various health issues. But you can manage burnout and get back to running your organization instead of feeling like it runs you!

Ways to Manage Burnout

The following are some ways you can manage and even prevent burnout as a leader. 

1. Recognize That Burnout Does And Will Occur

Education is powerful. And understanding that leaders and business owners run the risk of facing burnout is critical to managing it. Establish realistic expectations for yourself within your career, and aspire to live life in balance. 

2. Prioritize And Continually Assess To Remain On Track

Make a list of the priorities most important to you. Often, they’ll be a mixture of professional and personal elements in your life. Evaluate and re-evaluate your list to ensure your time and actions align with your priorities. 

3. Balance Your Schedule

As an entrepreneur, you will probably have to wear many hats. And some of the many tasks are ones that only you can fulfill. But delegate where you can, and trust the process. Get organized and order your schedule (e.g., time blocking). And recognize that growth takes time and investment. But strive to balance your life and systemize your business so that it can eventually function without you. You’ll be a much more efficient and productive leader. And you’ll enjoy life along the way! 

4. Learn To Accept Saying, “No!” While Also Establishing Boundaries

Saying “No” can take practice, especially when you’re used to saying, “Yes.” But when you aspire to set boundaries in your life, you can find balance. And part of that work-life balance is saying, “No,” to make sure you’re not over committing or over-extending yourself.  

5. Reframe Your Business Or Goals To Effectively Manage Change

Strategies and plans are vital to businesses. But consistently analyzing and shifting gears when change is required is necessary for preventing burnout. For example, maybe your market has changed, the economy has taken a turn, or your personal life has affected you. Whatever the case, make sure you’re pivoting and shifting gears when needed to reduce the risk of burning out. 

6. Take Time For Yourself

With the demands placed on entrepreneurs, self-care is more important than ever. And if you’re not proactive with scheduling time off, you’ll more than likely schedule more work tasks and meetings. But, on the other hand, you’ll be more productive and efficient if you give yourself time to relax and reset, ready to hit the ground running again! Take time away from the business. Learn to depend on your second-tier managers who will protect your interests.

7. Focus On Your Health 

Healthy eating and regular exercise won’t just improve your physical health. A healthy lifestyle can help you manage and prevent burnout. You can experience less stress, more focus, and feel better overall. Helping you to overcome better whatever life throws at you. 

8. Seek Support And Stay Social 

Finding a mentor, coach, associate, family member, or friends can help you process the stress and challenges you face at work. Build a support network for guidance, helping encourage you to continue moving forward at work and home. Also, take time to engage with others socially, invest in relationships, and find fulfillment outside work.

9. Ask For Help When You Need It

At Belfield Management Solutions, we help companies and business owners every day.  Our impact consulting can help you learn to work ON their business instead of IN their business. Working with you to develop a strategy reduces overwhelm and stress caused by inefficiency and lost profitability. We align your company with your goals.

10. Celebrate Successes And Victories

No matter how small, take time to enjoy the moments where you’ve overcome, attained a goal, or positively impacted someone or something.  Celebrating could be the boost you need to continue so you can achieve your next goal.

Burnout is a challenge many business leaders, executives, or entrepreneurs will likely face during their careers. But at Belfield Management, we can help you manage burnout, mitigating its negative impact on your life so that you can be excited to be a leader again! Our team has over 170 years of cumulative experience.  And as a result, we can help you achieve dependable results with less stress while working fewer hours so that you can be excited again! Experience the Belfield difference!